Lyra has been to stud with Teddy (Hazel Hunter’s brown boy) twice now and unfortunately is still not pregnant.  My other queen, Lily, went to stud three times and didn’t fall pregnant so I am taking this as an indication that it is time to give up.

It is with a very sad heart that I have made the difficult decision to stop breeding.  Since I have moved house to Whitstable I don’t really have the space to give the breeding cats the environment they deserve or to fully integrate the kittens into a family environment before they go to their new homes.



Having previously owned both Siamese and Burmese cats it was a delight to discover the wonderful Tonkinese, which brings together the best of both breeds.  We started with a couple of handsome boys, a blue and a brown, and a little chocolate girl.  At this stage we were purely looking for pets to share our lives with but, having seen the beautiful kittens this lovely breed produce, in such varied colours, we were hooked.

We then found our queens – Millie, a pointed blue tortoiseshell and Florence, a delicate lilac mink coat pattern.

Our beautiful Florence (aka Whyoo Juanita), who won ‘Best in Show’ at the Tonkinese Breed Club Show 2009, had a lovely litter of adorable kittens at the beginning of September 2010 sired by our newly acquired brown tabby stud, Tyger.

Tyger also mated with Millie, producing more beautiful kittens,  but then, because we didn’t really have the facilities for a full time stud, we decided to have Tyger neutered.  Very sadly, a short time afterwards, Tyger had a very bad reaction to a bee sting and passed away.

Florence and Millie are now both retired and living a lovely peaceful life wandering from conservatory to garden and not much further!  We currently have a young girl, Lyra, who is Florence’s daughter and when she is old enough will become our next queen.  Hopefully she will have kittens in the summer of 2016.

We are currently working with a group of like-minded breeders to develop new lines of Tonkinese and widen the gene pool, and to that end, in April 2012 we collected Louis, a very handsome chocolate stud.  Due to the fact that I have moved house and don’t have the facilities to keep a stud any more, Louis is now residing with Julia Craig-FcFeely – please direct any stud enquiries to Julia.